More About Me

Guiding Your Next Move

My approach to my real estate business is similar to my approach to parenting... don't hover, but be ready to provide good information and guidance when it becomes important to THEM and never give up...
I strive to follow the lead and personal style of each of my clients and let them tell me when and how they are ready to take the exciting and sometimes daunting next step towards moving out of one home and into another.

Experience At Your Back

For more than a decade, I have successfully helped my clients buy and sell hundreds of homes in all price ranges and locations spanning Arlington to Auburn. There are few situations which I haven't experienced and many things I have learned in the process to protect my clients from risks they may not anticipate. I consider experience to be as valuable as an insurance policy for protection against unforeseen events and feel every experienced agent is an asset to their clientele.

Envisioning Your Future

The greatest pleasure I have in my professional life is succeeding in delivering what my clients wanted most. I fully understand my clients' hopes, aspirations, fears and limitations so that I am best equipped to offer guidance and navigate the sometimes challenging circumstances to ultimately attain their goals. I carry the vision of their future into every negotiation and balance diplomacy with tenacity to deliver their end goal.

Understanding Your Past

As a native and current resident of Mercer Island, I spent many years becoming familiar with both sides of Lake Washington and find my professional career focuses in this same region...although I have helped my clients successfully buy and sell homes all over King and Snohomish Counties this past decade. My own past includes graduating from Mercer Island High School, earning a BA from Mt. Holyoke College, marrying a British citizen and moving back to Mercer Island to work and raise our 4 children (two of whom are deaf identical twins). If 4 children weren't challenging enough, I thought the dynamic lifestyle as a real estate agent would fill in the gaps. I can identify with the struggles, achievements and joy of each of my clients and know tomorrow will bring yet another cycle to be met hopefully with a smile and a laugh.

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